We want you to know that we are here to help you get through this unprecedentedly difficult time so we can all arrive on the other side wiser, stronger travelers.  So, here are the top five best practices for travelers post-COVID19 #1:  Don’t Panic We are your trusted voice in this crisis and we will […]

Many of our TRAVELMORE Vacations clients have asked us – “Why have we partnered with Expedia® Cruises?” During these challenging times, we wanted to ensure that we were providing all our clients with the most up-to-date information, travel restrictions, and new travel policies. Expedia® Cruises is built on a customer-centric approach fueled by many experienced […]

Novel COVID-19 is affecting travelers everywhere with canceled flights, route changes, and travel advisories. With coronavirus (COVID-19) now declared a global pandemic, we cannot help but think of all those we know and care about around the world, including you, whom we have had the privilege to serve. We recognize that these are uncertain times […]

As March comes to an end and the COVID-19 pandemic has all but halted the travel industry all together, we are seeing many stories emerging about travelers on leisure vacation stranded with little to no income to accommodate the extended stays due to mandatory travel restrictions.  More and more travelers make travel arrangements through online […]

Have you ever been bored at the airport while waiting for a flight? Here are 5 fun things to do while waiting at an airport. 1.  Get some food It won’t be the most energizing feast you will eat on your excursion (we would like to think not at any rate), but rather the food […]

Is it safe to say that when you are arranging a vacation getaway that you consider what camera to take? In case you’re considering packing a cumbersome camera with lens and lighting hardware like flashes and batteries, you ought to rethink! Regardless of whether you’re arranging an end of the week city break, a family […]

Staying true to the commitment to travel more to see this beautiful world we share together is daunting when I think about visiting the desert of the Sahara.  Granted, I have no plans of leaving my travel companions for any extended amount of time (save for the shower and utilizing my new travel friendly Squatty […]

If regimented days at sea filled with bingo competitions and poolside activities deter you from cruising, our advice would be to look for vacation cruise lines that have plenty of compelling itineraries to pique travelers of all interests and price points.  When we speak with our Travel More Vacation members about what type of cruise […]